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FREE to ALL Members - Getting Your Zazzle Business Brain On The Foundation For Success


Course Feedback

This pdf download includes  (20 pages)

  1. Introduction

  2. Braintastic Science

  3. Preparation

  4. Business Plan Structure

  5. Mission Statement Questions and worksheets

  6. SWOT Analysis Worksheet

  7. Goals and Objectives Worksheet

  8. SMART Goals Worksheet

  9. Niche Idea Planner

  10. Social Media Planner

  11. Budgeting

  12. Income/Expenses Tracker

  13. Daily Planner

  14. Health - Habit Tracker

  15. Sleep Tracker

Note: This module is a foundation module regarding getting into a business mindset. For greater NICHE information you will find everything you need in module 2. Outside of 'Business Mindset' other useful topics are touched upon but there is no intention via this module to cover 'everything' in great detail.

EXTRAS! There are non-course goodies around the Forum (MENU) and don't forget to check out the BLOG for more tips and ideas.

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