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How To Design Invitations | Beginners Course

for Zazzle Creators by LeahG Platinum Pro

Welcome to my Beginner's Guide to Invitation Design! Delve into the world of invitation creativity with confidence and guidance from me 'LeahG', a Platinum Pro Zazzler with a passion for crafting innovative invitation designs. Whether you're a budding designer or an aspiring Zazzle enthusiast, this beginners guide on 'How to Design Invitations' is tailored just for you.

As a self-taught designer, I understand the challenges you may encounter as a beginner. This guide as such, focuses on accelerating your learning curve. I share tips and techniques that I wish I had been aware of when I first embarked on my invitation design path.

Included are lessons that cover grouping elements, font pairing, color theory, graphic placement along with wording samples, invitation event ideas and a handy printable planner for your creations. You can also access our forum for support, Q&A and peer review. 


Note: This Zazzle Invitation Design Course is FREE to Zazzlepreneur Graduate 3 members. 

Invitation Design Course Content

  • Introduction/summary

  • Text Placement

  • The Rule of 3

  • Text placement variations + Examples

  • Practice Sheets

  • Typography - the importance of

  • Font Pairings ( 2 sheets of examples)

  • Font Research + worksheet

  • Font Pairings - examples

  • Lists of Zazzle's Serif, Sans Serif, Script Fonts

  • Graphic Elements - placement with examples

  • White Space - the importance and application

  • Color Theory - Color combinations and their specific uses in invites

  • Colors used in Cultural Invitations - their significance

  • Color theory practice

  • Wording Samples: Wedding Resource / Birthday/ Baby Shower / Graduation / Retirement

  • Invitation occasions - list

  • Invitation themes - list

  • Seasons and event theme ideas

  • Invitation Vision Board

  • Event Calendar / Theme/Colors

  • Invitation Creation Planner

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