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10 Emails to UPSELL Your Wedding Products - for the New Collection feature on Zazzle


As you know, the new collection feature that Zazzle has recently introduced requires that you add an 'email' message to your wedding cross/sell products. This email is limited in word length to cover approx. 2 sentences.

Below are some examples of emails that you can use for this feature! Edit them and the word length to fit your brand and needs.


Ten generic email responses that you can use to encourage customers who have made a wedding collection-related purchase to explore and purchase more matching items:

  1. Email 1: Initial Thank You and Introduction "Thank you for choosing our [Wedding Collection Name]! Your selection truly captures the essence of your special day. As you embark on this journey, we invite you to explore our array of matching items that harmonize with your chosen theme."

  2. Email 2: Elevate Your Celebration "Your recent purchase of our [Product Name] from the [Wedding Collection Name] is just the beginning. Why not enhance your celebration with perfectly coordinated accessories? Discover more pieces that will elevate your wedding to a new level of elegance."

  3. Email 3: Complement Your Vision "We're honored to be part of your wedding journey through our [Wedding Collection Name]. Extend the magic by exploring our complementary items that flawlessly complement your chosen design. Create a cohesive and captivating celebration!"

  4. Email 4: The Perfect Ensemble "Your purchase of our [Product Name] demonstrates your impeccable taste. Complete your ensemble with additional items from the [Wedding Collection Name]. Each piece contributes to a symphony of elegance that resonates throughout your celebration."

  5. Email 5: Unveil More Beauty "Thank you for selecting our [Wedding Collection Name] as a reflection of your love story. Dive deeper into this story by exploring our range of matching items. Each piece adds a layer of beauty and meaning to your special day."

  6. Email 6: Customizable Coherence "Your wedding journey is unique, and our [Wedding Collection Name] is designed to embrace your individuality. Customize your celebration with our array of items, each thoughtfully curated to ensure cohesiveness and elegance."

  7. Email 7: Elevate Every Detail "Congratulations on your purchase from our [Wedding Collection Name]! Let us help you elevate every detail of your wedding. Discover items that resonate with your vision and enhance the ambiance of your big day."

  8. Email 8: From Moments to Memories "Thank you for choosing our [Wedding Collection Name] to mark the moments that will become cherished memories. Enhance these moments by exploring our collection further, where each item contributes to the narrative of your love story."

  9. Email 9: Curate Your Dream Celebration "Your purchase from our [Wedding Collection Name] is a step towards curating the dream celebration you've envisioned. Delve into our range of matching items to create a wedding that is a true reflection of your love and style."

  10. Email 10: Crafting a Timeless Experience "From your initial purchase of our [Product Name], you've embarked on the journey of crafting a timeless wedding experience. Enhance this experience by exploring our comprehensive collection, where each item adds to the tapestry of your celebration."


HOT TIP: You can use ChatGPT to generate email suggestions for other product collection types using this prompt:
"write 10 generic emails no longer that 2 sentences in length, to respond to [product] related purchases to encourage the customer to buy more matching items from the collection"

More Collection Tips will Follow - subscribe to Zazzlepreneurs so you don't miss out!

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how to make money on zazzle
how to design invitations
how to make money on zazzle
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