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Be Inspired by these 2023 Christmas Trends - Fairycore and Cottagecore Zazzle and Etsy

Unveiling the Enchanting Christmas Aesthetics of 2023: Fairycore and Cottagecore on Zazzle

Zazzlepreneurs, are you ready to infuse some niche holiday magic into your creative ventures for 2023? Continuing on from my last Christmas post about getting your Christmas mojo on, I have some Christmas theme ideas to share with you that are fairly niche, and as such, there's an opening here for some creative folk to slip in and introduce something new to Zazzle! I am also sharing some amazing deals on Christmas Graphics Bundles that include commercial print-on-demand licenses! Now get

ready for Fairycore and Cottagecore!


Christmas 2023 Gift and Event Trends


Fairycore Christmas Gift Ideas, Invitations, and Cards

The Fairycore trend is a whimsical and ethereal aesthetic that is perfect for the Christmas season. Customers are looking for gifts, invitations, and cards that are both magical and enchanting.

Fairycore is trending Zazzlrepenurs!

  • In 2020, the hashtag #fairycore had over 1.3 billion views on TikTok.

  • As of October 2023, the hashtag has over 3.5 billion views on the platform.

  • On Instagram, the hashtag #fairycore has over 1.2 million posts.

  • On Pinterest, the hashtag #fairycore has over 1.5 million pins.

The popularity of Fairycore can be attributed to a number of factors, including the growing interest in cottagecore and other nature-based aesthetics, the escapism that fairycore offers, and the aesthetic's association with femininity and beauty.

The popularity of Fairycore is likely to continue in the coming years. The aesthetic is both visually appealing and offers a form of escapism, making it a popular choice for those looking for a way to connect with nature and find beauty in the world.

Here are some ideas for Fairycore Christmas Designs that you can create for your Zazzle store:

fairycore christmas cards

1. Fairycore Style Scrapbooking Papers: Offer exquisite scrapbooking papers with a Fairycore twist, featuring delicate, dreamy motifs like fairies, enchanted forests, or twinkling stars.

2. Gift Bags, Gift Wrap, and Gift Tags: Provide the gift-giving experience with a touch of whimsy by offering gift bags, wrapping paper, and gift tags adorned with vintage or gothic fairy themes, creating an enchanting presentation.

3. Decorative Items: Elevate the holiday décor with Fairycore-inspired decorative items. These could include tree ornaments, Christmas stockings, pillows, throw blankets, place settings, and partyware. Decorate them with imagery such as fairies, toadstools, dragonflies, butterflies, and, of course, fairy lights, to infuse homes with enchantment.

4. Greeting Cards and Invitations: Delight your customers with greeting cards and invitations designed to evoke the essence of a winter woodland wonderland. Incorporate elements like berries, branches, pine cones, and a hint of fairy whimsy for a touch of magic in their holiday greetings.

When creating your Fairycore Christmas products, don't forget to embrace seasonal colors that reflect the warmth and charm of the holiday season, adding a touch of sparkle for that extra magic. Most importantly, let the fairies take center stage in your designs, bringing a sense of wonder and enchantment to each item. Fairycore Christmas creations on Zazzle will surely captivate those seeking the perfect blend of whimsy and holiday spirit.


10 x Slogans and Phrases for your Fairycore Collections

  1. "Fairy Merry Christmas: Where Magic Meets Wonder"

  2. "Enchanted Holidays: A Magical Fairy's Delight"

  3. "Wishing You a Pixie-Dusted Christmas"

  4. "Lights Aglow, Fairy Wishes, and a Merry Hello!"

  5. "In the Land of Christmas Dreams, Fairies Unite"

  6. "Fairytales, Frolics, and Festive Magic: A Christmas Fantasy"

  7. "Whispers of Enchantment & Sparkles of Joy"

  8. "Tis the Season for Fairytales & Wishes Come True"

  9. "Dancing with the Snowflakes: A Fairy's Christmas Ball"

  10. "May Your Christmas Be Filled with Fairy Magic"


Cottagecore Christmas Decorations and Gift Ideas

Cottagecore is still a trending aesthetic Zazzlepreneurs!

The hashtag #cottagecore has over 3.5 billion views on TikTok and over 1.2 million posts on Instagram. The aesthetic is characterized by its romanticized view of rural life, and it often features images of nature, baking, gardening, and vintage clothing. Cottagecore gained popularity in 2020, and it is likely to continue to be popular in the coming years. The aesthetic offers a form of escapism from the stresses of modern life, and it allows people to connect with nature and simpler ways of living. Some of the reasons why Cottagecore is still trending include:

  • The growing interest in sustainability and self-sufficiency.

  • The desire for a more connected and meaningful life.

  • The popularity of escapist media, such as fantasy novels and films.

cottagecore christmas ideas

Cottagecore is a cozy and nostalgic aesthetic that finds a natural home in the heart of the Christmas season. Shoppers are on the lookout for gifts, invitations, and cards that radiate warmth, simplicity, and a connection to nature.

Keywords: Cottagecore Christmas, woodland-inspired gifts, earthy holiday decor.

Cottagecore Greeting Cards with Winter Wonderland Graphics:

Capture the serene charm of Cottagecore during the holidays by designing greeting cards that transport recipients to a whimsical winter wonderland. Here's how you can expand on this idea:

  1. Winter Scenes and Cozy Cottages: Infuse your greeting cards with enchanting winter scenes that evoke the tranquil beauty of a countryside cottage nestled under a blanket of snow. Feature cottages adorned with twinkling lights, smoke rising from the chimney, and the inviting glow of warm, welcoming windows. These images should be rich in detail and nostalgia, transporting recipients to a picturesque winter setting.

  2. Snowy Landscapes: Create an ethereal atmosphere with snowy landscapes that showcase delicate snowflakes gently falling on trees, fields, and rooftops. The snow-covered countryside should exude a sense of calm and tranquility, setting the perfect backdrop for your Cottagecore design.

  3. Elements of Warmth: Incorporate heartwarming elements like mittens, steaming mugs of hot cocoa, and plaid blankets. These details not only add a touch of coziness but also connect the viewer to the idea of gathering around the fireplace or sitting down for a holiday meal with loved ones.

  4. Rustic Textures: Utilize rustic textures and patterns in your graphics, such as burlap, hessian, or distressed wood, to give the cards that homemade, handmade feel often associated with Cottagecore aesthetics.

  5. Handwritten Fonts: Consider using handwritten-style fonts for the greetings and messages on your cards. These fonts add a personal, heartfelt touch that aligns with the genuine and nostalgic nature of Cottagecore.

10 x Slogans and phrases for your Cottagecore Creations:

  1. "Hygge for the Holidays: Snuggled, Sipped, & So Merry"

  2. "Cottage Dreams & Cozy Schemes: A Homely Christmas Delight"

  3. "Warm Wishes from Our Hearth to Yours"

  4. "Christmas Magic: Where Cozy Meets Joy"

  5. "Fireside Frolics & Festive Fun: A Cozy Christmas Tale"

  6. "Cocoa, Candles, & Christmas: Embrace the Hygge"

  7. "Home for the Holidays: Where Every Heart Finds Comfort"

  8. "Cottagecore Christmas: Rustic Charm & Yuletide Warmth"

  9. "Sweater Weather & Mistletoe Kisses"

  10. "Nestled in Hygge: Season's Greetings with Love"


As a Zazzlepreneur, embracing these enchanting aesthetics is your opportunity to add a touch of niche magic to your Christmas offerings in 2023. Whether it's the ethereal charm of Fairycore or the cozy nostalgia of Cottagecore, your creativity can transform this holiday season into a truly magical experience for your customers. So, let the fairies and cozy cottages inspire you to create the most enchanting and heartwarming Christmas products yet!

If you decide to jump on the enchanting niches this Christmas please share your Fairycore and Cottagecore creations in the comments for a chance of FREE promotion!

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