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How To Become The Ultimate Trend Spotter with Minimal Effort

Hey Zazzle Creatives!

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I'm not here today to teach my grandma how to suck lemons, we all know how crucial it is to stay fresh and relevant in the ever-revolving door of fashion. So we will skip the relevance and importance of that and get down to business. How to spot those trends BEFORE they hit the dancefloor and everyone's got the moves.

There are tons of resources out there (Google is your friend) where you can scout the latest trends. But here's a little hack that's not only time-saving but also quite fun and you'll get some much-needed exercise you Zazzle potato you (talking to myself)!

Just step outside your door (unless you're living in a forest, of course) and take a trip to your local high street or shopping mall.

Those leading brand stores invest a fortune in staying ahead of the trends. They've got their winter garments on display even before I've had a chance to dip a toe in the summer sea. And don't even get me started on the Easter products that magically appear in stores around February (at least in the UK). These brands are always "ready" and "in the know." You can use 'them' as your design trend resource.

So here's what you do:

  1. Enjoy a leisurely walk around the shops. Find a nice cafe with outdoor seating or a good window view and check on Zazzlepreneur course updates. Wait what? No .... proceed to item 2.

  2. Have a look around and observe the colors leading brand shops are featuring in their alluring window displays.

  3. After your coffee step inside a few home decor departments and you'll be able to feast your eyes on the latest trends in pattern, color, and graphic design.

  4. Do the same in a home decorating store and check out the wallpaper designs. All great inspiration for your own home decor creations on Zazzle.

  5. Take a look at their signage too. OOOhh boring! NO NOT BORING, very valuable resource regarding the fonts, graphic layouts, and again the colors of the upcoming season.

Whip out your phone and take some pics of all the above. You have just had the best 'advance' warning of what you need to design for now, which will be selling in 2 months' time!

Before you all start messaging me about trend-spotting websites and tools. Don't worry the traditonal methods (booooring) are detailed in my Ninja Niche Slayer Couse Module. I got you covered!

For more random out-the-box easy-peasy research tips, don't

join my course, because damn that sh*ts complicated!

No, I jest, it's a mix of both. Hop on the waiting list though! I save the best bits for course members.


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<<<< Re this Ad. I recoil whenever I see those 'big coaches' for Zazzle talk about passive income. A better description would be 'dwindling income if you're not active for a period of time'. So yes, sales (if you generally have them regularly) will still come in, but they 'dwindle' and in some cases quite significantly!

However, this book here was one of few I could find when looking for print-on-demand books to share with you, that actually had some decent reviews and sales! So, with that said it might be worth a look.

FREE with Audiobook! I'm gonna check it out and will let you know if it's any good.

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how to make money on zazzle
how to design invitations
how to make money on zazzle
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