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How to Create a whole NEW BUZZ about invitations on Zazzle with FRINGE events!

Listen up Zazzlepreneurs!!

zazzle evites digital invitation course

I've been noticing a curious trend with the sales of my invitations that are being sold mainly as 'digital downloads'.

And after doing a little bit more research I made a curious discovery! One that YOU and I can use to create a whole new marketplace on Zazzle in that 'everso hard nut to crack' niche of all niches, invitations!!

I am so excited to share this with you that I can barely type!

Those of you on my FREE Zazzle Elevate Course have already had access to that Bumper Bonus list of events that go on forever (some of which are very fringe) have been surprised at just how MANY events there were for which an invitation could be sent. It goes far beyond birthdays, weddings, Bar Mitzvah's and so on. Far beyond!


Well here's the thing ....

Traditionally, people would have these 'fringe' events that were considered too casual for formal invitations and let their guests know via word of mouth or 'text, email' etc. They wouldn't go to the trouble of getting invitations printed.

And this is where Digital Downloads and eVites have changed the landscape in this regard because they are:

  • Minimal Cost

  • Minimal time spent editing

  • Instant Access

  • Look loads better than a 'text'

  • Set the scene for a great event!

Hence now people are saying "hey, this looks better than a regular text' let's send this instead! It adds that extra pizazz to their event. So even a family BBQ could generate an 'eVite'!

Now bear in mind we are not talking here about people swapping a $200 paper invite spend for a $10 eVite, no ... that's not it. This is about a bunch of $10 sales that never would have existed in any format if it were not for the practicality of the digital download!


invitation design course

Now for those who do not have access to my giant list of 'events' then get on it quick if you're interested in invitations, because there are a ton of events NOT being covered by mainstream designers that are just waiting for YOU to hop onboard with!


To tap into this emerging market further, Zazzlepreneurs can consider the following steps:


1. Design ALL Invitations so they display perfectly on a mobile phone. This means all text centered! No text off to the side where it might be cut off. Keep wording to the bare necessities! Think most about Visual Appeal. This is replacing their standard text so you could even just add those details they would include in the text!

2. Diversify Your Digital Invitation Designs

Expand your collection of digital invitation designs to cater to different types of events. Consider creating templates specifically tailored to casual gatherings, themed parties, seasonal events, and more. Diversifying your offerings will attract a broader range of customers.

3. Explore Popular eVite Niches

To get a better understanding of the types of events that are particularly popular for digital invites, it's a good idea to research platforms that have been doing eVites for a long time! BUT even they might not be covering those casual events I spoke of so don't rely on those too much!

Focus on niches that have a growing demand for eVites. While the trends may vary, some perennial favorites are likely to include Halloween and Easter, as well as Christmas events.

4. Personalization and Customization

This should go without saying but ensure you have customization options to allow hosts to personalize their digital invites with event details, photos, and special messages. The ability to tailor the invitation to the event's theme and style will be a significant selling point.

5. Market Your Digital Invitation Services

Promote your digital invitation services through your Zazzle store and on social media. Highlight the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and environmental benefits of eVites.


  • Remember to ADD that this is a 'DIGITAL DOWNLOAD INVITATION' in your title and tags!

  • 8x4 Save the Dates/Holiday Cards is a great size for mobile phone view invitations ( our member Karsten, see comments, has a great example of this). If you are not using an actual 'invitation' card for this design adding the word 'INVITATION' in your title will ensure Zazzle does not automate the addition of the words 'save the date' at the end of your title. Thank you Karsten for your valuable observations regarding this.


There's a digital invite waiting to be designed, and Zazzlepreneurs can be the ones to make it happen.

I can't wait to see your fringe eVite creations,

Share them in the comments!

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how to make money on zazzle
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how to make money on zazzle
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