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How To Design Invitations - Zazzle Course

Zazzle Course: Beginner's Guide to Invitation Design

how to design invitations

Unlock Your Creativity with LeahG Platinum Pro Zazzler - thousands of invitations sold across the world. Welcome to my Beginner's Guide to Invitation Design! Delve into the world of invitation creativity with confidence and guidance from me 'LeahG', a Platinum Pro Zazzler with a passion for crafting innovative invitation designs. Whether you're a budding designer or an aspiring Zazzle enthusiast, this beginners guide on 'How to Design Invitations' is tailored just for you. ​ As a self-taught designer, I understand the challenges you may encounter as a beginner. This guide as such, focuses on accelerating your learning curve. I share tips and techniques that I wish I had been aware of when I first embarked on my invitation design path. ​ Included are lessons that cover grouping elements, font pairing, color theory, graphic placement along with wording samples, invitation event ideas and a handy printable planner for your creations. You can also access our forum for support, Q&A and peer review.

All for the affordable price of £15.99 (note currency conversion rates may affect this amount). Note: This Zazzle Invitation Design Course is FREE to Zazzlepreneur Graduate 3 Course members who joined before 1st Sept. 23. ORDER HERE

The course is provided via PDF download (85mb - 35pages) and via FREE access to our Zazzlepreneur site Forum where you can ask questions and submit designs for peer review.


This new micro-course is tailor-made for beginners like you, and I understand that starting something new can be both thrilling and a bit nerve-wracking. But fret not! I'm here as your friendly guide as you are gently introduced to the art of crafting beautiful invitations that captivate the hearts of your customers and have a professional appeal. On this Zazzle invitation design course you will: ​ Discover the Basics of Invitation Design: In this course, you'll uncover the essentials of text placement, typography, color theory, and graphic elements that breathe life into your invitations. We'll explore the magic of combining fonts and using colors to set the perfect mood for various occasions. ​ A Taste of Inspiration: I've got some delightful surprises too! I have curated lists of themes and ideas for different events and seasons that inspire invitations. Plus, I share some wording samples to get you started, making sure you can confidently craft invitations that impress. ​ Keeping it Simple: This course is all about the basics. No pressure to conquer the entire Zazzle universe—yet! You will though gain valuable skills that you can apply beyond invitation design, sparking your creativity in other areas too. ​ An Affordable Adventure Awaits: This beginner's journey is a pocket-friendly experience at just £15.99. Say goodbye to pricey courses and hello to creative magic within your budget! ​ So, if you're ready to embark on a delightful invitation design adventure, enroll now, and let's get started. Unleash your imagination, discover your creative flair, and let the magic of invitations take you on a wonderful journey. I can't wait to see what you create! Let's begin! ​ LeahG


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how to make money on zazzle
how to design invitations
how to make money on zazzle
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