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How to Skip the Learning Curve for Invitation Design on Zazzle

Utilize the ability to access the 'Personalize' function on 'any' expertly designed invitation on Zazzle to 'learn' (not copy) from the best!

Step 1 - Research

Find an invitation you admire and access the 'personalization' tools the same way a customer would if wishing to make changes to the design template.

Examine the design's text templates and make a note of the fonts, font sizes, line spacing, and letter spacing. This practice provides you with a solid starting point for your own projects and will help you fast-track your learning with regard to pairing fonts.

Note that this knowledge isn't new, I am not sharing an idea that many creatives are not already utilizing. This brings me to my next point Zazzlepreneurs!



I cannot emphasize enough that this isn't about copying someone else's work!

Many designers add their unique touch to text layouts, and it's easy for them (and others) to spot outright copying. Instead, use this information as a foundation to fast-track your own learning and then add your personal creative twist to any text layouts you create.

I am told that other courses teach you how to get-rich-quick by just copying bestsellers. They say copy their designs, the titles, and the tags. I have one word for this strategy DISGUSTING! And I have already published a guide as to why this strategy does not work long-term, it will come back to bite you in the ass! The copycat designs are easily recognizable, which can harm your credibility as an independent designer and where is the joy and satisfaction in knowing your success came from copying? And worse, the pro designer may just gobble you up by repaying the favor with your own best-sellers. Don't do it!

Walk to the beat of your own drum Zazzlepreneurs!


We are creators with conscience,


Step 2 - Reuse

Efficient Template Usage:

When you've created text layout templates that you find appealing, you can make the most of them by editing them (after publishing) with new graphics or transferring them to other products without starting from scratch.

This approach allows you to reuse your templates multiple times, saving you time and effort.

Over time, you'll likely build a collection of these templates that you can use repeatedly without the need to reinvent the wheel. This is how Zazzle creators with high productivity levels do it! You can get hundreds of products from as few as 5 invitation text layouts.


Step 3 - Transfer

If you're aiming to create matching sets with consistent fonts and styles, and are adding items such as save-the-dates, napkins, details cards, rsvp's etc. you need to ensure the typography theme is consistent across all these products! You ca make this process easy by simply transferring the invitation to these products. Just hit the transfer tab and select the product you need and 'go'.

Then all you need to do is remove the fields you don't need while leaving elements like names, monograms, dates etc. intact. Ie the things that do not change! You can use the other fields to add the new text for your new product but remember to change the parameter titles to reflect the changes!

Copy and Paste

You can also use the "copy" and "paste" functions to copy the text you want from your invitation across to the new product type. Do whichever feels the easiest for you.


This concludes this fast-track tutorial Zazzlepreneurs!

If you found this content helpful or any other content on my course or site, please consider sharing it, showing some love (re hearts) pinning the images and leave your comments!

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how to make money on zazzle
how to design invitations
how to make money on zazzle
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