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Let's KILL the Rumor That Zazzle is PASSIVE Income

I recoil every time I come across those Zazzle coaching programs and books that claim Zazzle offers passive income.

While the students of those Big Game Zazzle Coaches have (as they themselves report) achieved tremendous success under their coaching, I believe they would agree that their journey toward reaching those impressive sales figures was anything but passive.

Perhaps a more accurate claim would be:

"Passive (but dwindling earnings if one is inactive for extended periods) after 2-3 years of hard slog with little to no rewards in that period."

It doesn't make for much of a punch-line does it?

'Make a passive Income with Zazzle' sounds fabulous because who wouldn't want to sip cocktails all-day while the money rained in?

Every Zazzler out there understands the immense amount of work required to achieve significant sales on the platform.

Now, it's possible that one coach (who openly admits to needing to acquire some business skills after 'throwing spaghetti at the wall for 2yrs+ for little to no return) stumbled upon some secret sauce that allows you to create products, set up stores, and effortlessly market them while you sleep (oh, how I wish I knew what it was).

However, from where I'm sitting, it still doesn't appear to be truly passive. Sure, there is some level of passivity in that you can go on holiday for three weeks and still generate sales. But you know what else offers that perk, Zazzlepreneurs? A regular job with "holiday pay."

The difference is that with a regular job, you don't experience a noticeable decline in income when you're away. Sales (in my experience) do not remain at the same level when you are inactive on their platform for extended periods unless Zazzle is actively promoting your products. Essentially, they keep your ship afloat while you're absent.

Many of us seasoned Zazzlers are well aware that inactivity on the platform leads to a noticeable decline in sales. I've personally witnessed it while creating and running my course. There is a substantial dip. Sure it could be market forces BUT I've seen this enough over the years to notice the pattern.

So, let's keep it real.

While Zazzle offers certain advantages and the potential for some passive elements, it's far from a purely passive income source. It demands continuous effort and active promotion to sustain and grow your sales.


There is a way to 'hit the ground running' with Zazzle however and that is NOT the same thing as generating a passive income

I did (as you know I published the figures - keeping it real Zazzlepreneurs!! Always ask to see the actual earnings of those making big claims) double my earnings which were already pretty good in 3 months, 2 years running.

Note: these are UK date format (paid in $'s).

I did this by introducing a killer niche that I dominated and Zazzle promoted because it was HOT.

I had a genius idea and I made a HUGE amount of money for Zazzle in those 2 years because in many cases for that product my royalty was just 5% !! YES 5%.

I could have doubled/tripled those earnings with a higher royalty.

Did that niche take minimal effort to execute and was it a 'passive climb'?

No, I worked my absolute butt off creating products, promoting them. I created a Facebook Book Group, Pages, Websites, Blogs to reach my target audience.

So yes a killer niche can earn you BIG money in a short amount of time, but finding it and executing takes work! Ain't no denying it.

But for everything else, everything you are learning on my course and putting into place is what I call an "Investment in Time". You are learning the strategies for sustained growth.

You do the work now, for the paycheck in the future when you can relax a little BUT never too much because as I say Zazzle is NOT a passive income.

Trends change, graphics styles come and go - you need create fresh new products
Competition from other Zazzlers grows - copying your niche and your designs. Tags, titles, they will take the lot.
Competition from other Print-on-demand sites
Amazon now offers more and more customizables including 'Invitations' and they're $0.50 each, 300gsm with envelopes included! Wait till that wrecking ball gains momentum!
Zazzle might stop promoting your niche (if they were).

Is this enough to convince you, Zazzle is NOT a passive income source?

You gotta be prepared to work Zazzlepreneurs!

Let's get cracking!!

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how to make money on zazzle
how to design invitations
how to make money on zazzle
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