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Maximize Your Earnings! Your Ultimate Guide to Raking in Profits this Christmas on Zazzle

Hey Zazzlepreneurs!!

how to make money on zazzle

I am a bit of Christmas Gringe myself so posting this with a mix of feelings, but it has to be done! Christmas is one of the most profitable times of the year for Zazzle creators so do not miss this opportunity to rake in the profits.

NOW is the time you need to be Christmas-Ready! Never mind the Turkey, get your Zazzle products and marketing strategies cooking in the oven now!

As hard as it is to believe (October) people are already Christmas shopping. I have already started seeing Zazzle sales for Christmas Invitations and cards. One reason for this early shopping spree is that Shoppers are looking to spread the cost of Christmas so as not to incur a big financial hit at the end of the year, landing them in debt. In addition, if they have a lot of family and friends to buy gifts for or big events to plan, they want to spread out the work involved over a matter of weeks rather than getting into the hectic Christmas rush that many of us experience.

And this is why Zazzlepreneurs, you need to be ready NOW!


Grab Your Commercial Licence Christmas Graphics for POD Use HERE


christmas graphics for commercial use

This step-by-step guide will tell you everything you need to know to be ready for this Christmas Season on Zazzle!

Designing Christmas Products for Zazzle

When it comes to creating Christmas-themed products for Zazzle, the magic is in the details. To stand out and attract holiday shoppers, your designs should capture the festive spirit, be visually appealing, and offer personalization. Start by researching

photo mug christmas

the latest Christmas trends and brainstorming unique ideas. Use Zazzle's design tools to bring your visions to life. Include high-quality images and media images in your product listings to showcase your work effectively.

Your product descriptions should tell a compelling story, highlighting the unique features of your creations. These descriptions provide an opportunity to connect with your customers on an emotional level and show them how your products can bring joy and warmth to their holiday celebrations. Use AI to generate these descriptions at lightening speed!


Current Christmas Trends for 2023 are:


  • Earthy tones (rust, terracotta, brown)

  • Festive brights (hot pink, orange, yellow)

  • Luxe gold

  • Peachy pastels


  • Natural elements (pine cones, berries, branches)

  • Minimalist style (simple, elegant designs)

  • Vintage touches

  • Personalized touches


  • Sustainable gifts

  • Experiences

  • Personalized gifts

  • Gifts that give back


Optimizing Your Zazzle Store for Christmas

I'm not sure (even after all this time) how often a customer visits our actual stores unless we are a Featured Designer whereby Zazzle is actively promoting our storefronts. But you might want to add a seasonal banner to showcase Christmas sales and your newly added Christmas products. This wouldn't be a priority for me based on what I noted earlier, re low activity on the actual store page BUT I could be missing a trick here and if you do want to catch the eye of Zazzle Editors, this could be a useful approach!



babys first christmas gifts ornaments photo

Collections are an excellent way to organize your Christmas-themed products. In this section, I'll show you how to create collections that resonate with the holiday spirit.

Examples of collections might include ornaments, greeting cards, custom stockings, and more.

Organizing your products in this way encourages customers to explore your offerings.

For example, when building a "Merry and Bright Holiday Decor" collection, you can include a variety of products that align with this theme. These might range from customizable ornaments, festive home decor, and personalized stockings to holiday-themed tableware.

Make use of high-quality images and compelling descriptions to entice customers into exploring your entire collection.

Incorporate seasonal color schemes and design elements throughout your collection to create a cohesive and inviting shopping experience. For instance, use traditional reds and greens, or opt for a more modern approach with pastel colors and metallic accents to suit different tastes.

🎁Consider re-ordering your collections, so that your Christmas-themed invitations, cards, decorations and gifts are now at the top! With the new collection features on Zazzle (which are still a bit of mystery regarding how they'll appear in the marketplace) this might prove beneficial! As of course will be creating 'Christmas' and Holiday themed collections!

🎁 Ensure your Christmas collections offer cross-sell products that include cards and gift wrap!

Whenever an item is gifted there is nearly always gift wrap so do not miss the opportunity to sell some packaging, tags, gift bags, stickers, cards with the gift!


Media Images

christmas gifts from zazzle

Similarly to collections, anything Christmas-related should be accompanied by Christmas themed media images.

🎁It may even be the case that your product is not 'Christmas themed' but is suitable as a Christmas Gift. In which case, a media image demonstrating it being 'gifted' with a Christmas scene in the background would work great for social media shares of your products during the festive season!

Christmas Themed Social Media Images Pinterest Images:

  • Design Pinterest graphics that feature your best-selling Christmas products, using high-quality images. Overlay these images with catchy, holiday-themed text and keywords to enhance discoverability.

  • For example, if you're selling personalized Christmas ornaments, create an image that showcases your best designs. Overlay it with text like "Unique Personalized Ornaments for a Memorable Christmas" and include relevant hashtags and keywords to increase visibility.

If there is a sale on consider adding SALE information as it is correct at the time of posting!

Create Seasonal Boards in addition to your regular boards with Christmas themes. Name them creatively, using relevant keywords, to attract more followers and of course pin regularly!!


Instagram Images:

Instagram thrives on stunning visuals. Use Instagram to provide your audience with a sneak peek into your creative process, behind-the-scenes shots, and the story behind your Christmas collection. For instance, post a series of images that showcase the steps involved in creating a personalized Christmas ornament. Include captions that highlight the craftsmanship and customization options, making your products even more enticing.

Hashtags: Utilize Christmas-related hashtags to increase the discoverability of your posts. Create a mix of popular and niche hashtags that relate to your products. For instance, if you sell personalized Christmas stockings, use hashtags like #CustomStockings, #PersonalizedGifts, and #HolidayDecor.

User-Generated Content: Encourage your customers to share photos of your products on their Instagram accounts. Repost user-generated content (with permission) to showcase how your products are being enjoyed by real customers.


Facebook Images

  • On Facebook, focus on creating images that engage your audience. Share holiday-related tips, fun facts, and interactive content, alongside images of your products.

  • You may want to run a contest or giveaway featuring your Christmas products. Create an image that announces the contest, outlines the rules, and showcases the prizes. This encourages user participation and increases your brand's visibility. This would only be worthwhile if you have a large and engaged social media presence! Although such give-aways could help grow your social media presence.

Try to maintain a consistent visual theme across your social media profiles during the holiday season. This helps create a cohesive brand identity and fosters recognition among your audience.


View My Christmas Invitation Ideas HERE


Christmas Keywords

Members Can Access my Google Trends Guide here for tips on how to research your Christmas Zazzle Tags and Keywords

Effective keyword research is essential for making your products discoverable. Utilize the keyword research tools available via my Ninja Niche Course and via the above Google Trends Course to find relevant and high-traffic keywords that fit your Christmas-themed products. Incorporate these keywords into your product titles, descriptions, and tags to improve your products' search visibility.

Think of themes like "Cozy Christmas at Home," "Elegant Christmas Gifts," or "Whimsical Stocking Stuffers" to engage your customers' interests.


Christmas Sales

Make the most of Zazzle's sales at this time of year and create sales graphics for sharing to social media specifically to entice Christmas shoppers.

  1. Discount Banner: Design a festive discount banner that prominently displays your offer. Use holiday-themed colors, such as red and green, and include clear and enticing text, like "Christmas Sale - Up to 40% Off."

  2. Countdown Graphics: Create countdown graphics that build anticipation for your sale. Use visuals like a Christmas-themed calendar with doors that open to reveal daily deals or a clock ticking down to the end of your sale.

  3. Limited-Time Offers: Highlight the urgency of your sale with limited-time offer graphics. Use phrases like "24-Hour Flash Sale" or "Last Chance for Christmas Savings" to create a sense of urgency.

The key to effective sales graphics is to make them visually appealing, clear, and aligned with your brand's identity. The goal is to grab your customers' attention and motivate them to take advantage of your holiday offers.


This concludes my Get Ready Christmas Guide!

With the right product creation, collection curation, social media image design you'll be well-prepared to make your Zazzle store the go-to destination for holiday shoppers.

Feel Free To Share your thoughts in comments Zazzlepreneurs!

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how to make money on zazzle
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how to make money on zazzle
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