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Newsflash - Pro Platinum LeahG Retiring from Zazzle! Leaving Before She Is Booted

Well ... semi-retiring! I am NOT retiring from you!!

The time has come for me to take a step back from my active involvement with Zazzle. While some might anticipate a somber announcement, I assure you this is a positive transition for me.

I want first to express my sincere gratitude for the support and camaraderie within this community. The interactions and shared knowledge have been immensely rewarding. As I transition to a more passive role as a Zazzlepreneur, I remain dedicated to offering support and guidance to all of you! That will not change, I enjoy it far too much. It has become my new passion and despite losses as my time has been focused here not over at Zazzle, I do not regret a single day Zazzlepreneurs!

During my tenure with Zazzle, I've been more than an active participant—I've been an ardent supporter, defender, and promoter of this platform. Contributing significantly to its growth, I've facilitated millions in sales, suggested innovative approaches that later became site-wide norms, and championed the community spirit that defines us as well as being your voice.

When you were too afraid to voice your concerns, I took them as my own a voiced them for you. And via this blog I will continue to do so, but no more via the Zazzle Community Forum. It has recently been confirmed by a Zazzle Support Staff Member that they may remove people (from the forum) who raise 'negative concerns too often' (paraphrasing). This type of censorship and heavy-handed approach doesn't sit too well with me when I know how frightened many of you already are when it comes to speaking up.

So this along with issues re earnings as noted HERE, that have yet to be addressed and a desire for me to shed the stress and have an improved work-life balance lie behind my decision.


'Everything happens for a reason'

universal consciousness

One thing you may not know about me Zazzlepreneurs is that I am a great believer in Universal Consciousness and that when life gives us lemons it's not to make lemonade it's to make our eyes water until we are forced to get rid of the goddam lemons! If we become too complacent and accepting of things that do us harm the universe will come along and kick us right up the a*se! It may do so with such force and with so much apparent malice you may not believe it is ever intended to be good for you.

But my experience Zazzlepreneurs is that when those lemons come my way, one door closes that should have been closed a long time ago making way for something brighter, lighter and more rewarding. So Zazzlepreneurs, I am listening to the Universe and taking action!


I am still here for you!

My enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and empowering you remains unwavering. While my direct involvement with Zazzle may decrease, my commitment to supporting and guiding this community will endure. The interactions I've cherished and the learning we've shared have been incredibly fulfilling. I assure you, I'll still be here to lend a helping hand and offer advice whenever needed.


So what next?

I'm actively exploring alternative income streams beyond the Zazzle sphere. It's not merely a matter of sustenance; it's about diversifying opportunities and adapting to change. I'll be exploring in greater depth platforms like Etsy, Amazon merch, and the broader realm of affiliate marketing. And when successes emerge from these ventures, I promise to share those experiences and insights with all of you.


The lessons I have shared here are transferable!

The strategies I've shared with you via this blog, site, the courses and the Zazzle community forum are not confined to Zazzle; they're versatile tools applicable to various online ventures. Regardless of Zazzle's future direction, you're equipped with knowledge that transcends platforms, empowering you to succeed in diverse digital landscapes. Nothing we have or will do here going forward will go to waste!

So, I invite you to accompany me on this new chapter of exploration. I'll be documenting my experiences, discoveries, and lessons learned as I navigate new and uncharted waters. And I encourage you all to continue to share your journeys, insights, and triumphs.

Let's continue to motivate and learn from each other, and lift each other up!

I still believe in Zazzle, I am just reducing my commitment to them while I focus more on 'me' and what I will enjoy moving forward.

LeahG x


Exciting Update!!

The cosmos is weaving its wonders already! Check out Martie's wonderful suggestion about a new POD (Print on Demand), and I'm currently test-driving it. Unlike Etsy, this platform allows me to upload 2GB of files, so brace yourself for some fantastic graphics packs! It's straightforward for adding digital products, though I haven't incorporated anything customizable just yet. I plan to give that a shot tomorrow. But I'm loving what I see so far—huge thanks to Martie! Welcome to my new store:

NOTE: If you SIGN UP with this LINK

The first 3 people to signup get $10 FREE CREDIT which means my latest graphic bundle is FREE or you can spend it on something else on the site of course!!

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how to make money on zazzle
how to design invitations
how to make money on zazzle
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