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Review of Affiliate Site by LeahG

I stumbled upon recently and was initially excited by its potential. review

What is

In a nutshell is a coupon code site where consumers go to find the latest deals and offers for various leading brands but this site differs in that these codes are left by other consumers (you and me) and NOT the brands.

As an example: Zazzle has a 'refer a friend' scheme. On you can add your Zazzle 'refer a friend' code and reach a greater audience for your reward!

Apply this to the schemes you have via your home energy company, other sites you are a member of, you can add all those details to this one site (your own page) and instead of having to share multiple links for all these offers among your friends, family, social media you just share your Referralcode site page link.

And I believe we can also add our 'affiliate code' related Zazzle offers too!

Great right?

Referral codes is easy to join and to add referrals. No hiccups there.

However, with limited time to fully test its functionality, I've already encountered several issues. These concerns, to be frank, are likely to discourage me from investing much more time on the platform. But that's just me!


So what are the issues with review

1. ReferralCodes' referral link system presents three links for each referral: the company logo, the offer wording, and the offer code (refer to the image).

Clicking on either the company logo or the offer wording redirects the customer to the referred brand's landing page, which may include various offers, potentially including YOUR offer but also offers from other users. This increases the likelihood of the referred customer selecting an offer other than yours, resulting in you not receiving a reward.

Recommended Solution:

To address this issue, ReferralCodes should consider implementing the following changes:

  1. Offer Preview on Wording Link: Upon clicking the offer wording link, provide a clear and concise preview of the specific offer associated with the referrer. This preview should highlight the key benefits and details of the offer, encouraging the customer to select the referrer's offer rather than browsing through multiple offers on the landing page.

  2. Direct Offer Code Link: Clicking on the offer code link should directly take the customer to a page where they can immediately apply the referrer's offer code, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple pages or other offers.

Redirects and me do not agree and you know why Zazzlepreneurs!!


But wait there's more .... review

When I checked out ReferralCodes' Amazon referral page, it became apparent that the site itself maintains an account and its referrals appear to be prioritized in the display. This observation raises concerns about the fairness and transparency of the referral program, especially for Amazon influencers like myself. Why would I add Amazon referrals when 2 in 3 chances are that the consumer I refer goes to the site owner?

To address this issue, ReferralCodes should implement a system that displays referrals in a randomized or unbiased manner, ensuring that all users have an equal opportunity to have their referrals seen and used. This would create a more equitable and transparent referral program, encouraging greater participation and engagement.


Finally - addressing the issue of referral code expiry dates

Adding a referral code may require a 24-hour wait for it to appear in the system. However, if you possess a sale code expiring within 2 days, this poses a challenge.

Additionally, at present there's no automated method for time-dependent offers to vanish once they expire.

I propose implementing a system where we input the expiry date, allowing the code to delete itself or become hidden upon reaching that date. Alternatively could add an alert system so that when a code is due to expire we can either delete or update the offer as needed. Currently, we need to rely on manual checks or notes to track offer expirations and with a lot of offers that could become arduous, and worse ... expired offers remain on the site making the site unreliable in the eyes of consumers.


This isn't the most in-depth review having only joined the site recently. If you're curious head over to and take a look for yourself!

As always share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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how to make money on zazzle
how to design invitations
how to make money on zazzle
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