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Zazzle Trends: Learn how to use Google Trends for Niche Product Research, Tags Titles and Keywords

Hi Zazzlepreneurs!

free google trends course for zazzle

Quick update before we dive in:
Hi Zazzlepreneurs
As you're well aware, my FREE Zazzle Elevate Course reached its conclusion with the Beginners Invitation Design Module. However, rest assured, this doesn't mark the end of the FREE tutorials available to you. There's a whole world of tutorials waiting for you, and you don't need to progress through modules to access them!
The upcoming content will primarily remain an EXCLUSIVE benefit for members and subscribers, making it unavailable to the general public. To ensure you're in the loop and receive updates about these exciting new tutorials, make sure you're subscribed. Brace yourself for an influx of marketing and social media insights!
Each week, I'll be working to add fresh content that every member and subscriber can take advantage of.
As always, your ongoing feedback will be instrumental in refining and enhancing any areas that may need more depth or clarity. So, keep those valuable insights coming!
For those who've been with me from the very beginning of this course, you've witnessed the evolution of this course and the site and additional extras, and so you know that I genuinely consider and apply all the feedback I receive. So, whether it's praise or constructive criticism, don't hold back – I'm all ears!


What is Google Trends?

As a Zazzle Elevate Course member you may have already stumbled upon mentions of Google Trends in your Zazzlepreneur course materials. If you've already dived in and are harnessing its potential, major kudos to you! But, for those who haven't ventured into it just yet, this guide will take you on a deeper journey, unraveling the specifics of how to tap into the remarkable capabilities of this invaluable tool.

Introducing Google Trends

Quite simply, Google Trends tracks the popularity of search terms over time and you can use this data to discover niche markets that are on the rise along with ideas for titles, tags and keywords that are being commonly used by your target customers. You may even be able to use Google Trends to discover those elusive 'unicorn tags' (spoken about in module 1 course materials) that will push your products to the top spots on Zazzle pages! Unicorn Tags for the uninitiated are those tags that are NOT commonly used on Zazzle but ARE commonly used by your customers!! They're rare and capable of magic!

I coined the phrase 'Unicorn tags' because they are sufficiently hard to see, and are rare, but offer magical delights when you have one!!


A Quick Anecdote on Trend Tools for Zazzle Product Ideas

Here's a little gem I'd like to share:

Before diving into my own niche and keyword research, I often like to explore trending topics across the globe as they are revealed on various sites that offer insights into what is trending. You'd be surprised at how occasionally, there's a hidden gem that affiliate marketers and Zazzle product creators can capitalize on.

Just this week, I spotted the trending hashtag #examresults on 'X' (formerly Twitter). This wasn't just a coincidence – it was quite timely. With the school year coming to a close, students in the UK were receiving their exam results. Now, since my kids are all grown up, this trend didn't naturally cross my radar this year. But thanks to the 'trending now' list, it caught my attention.

What did I do with this newfound information?

Well, I happen to have a collection of 'graduate-themed gifts' in my Zazzle store. Without skipping a beat, I launched a swift promotion, showcasing these products and cleverly integrating the trending hashtag #examresults. Sure, I might have been fashionably late to the party, and truth be told, I should have acted earlier in June. But hey, better late than never, right?

The outcomes were diverse – from one instance an 'X' post received over 1000 views in just 48 hours to another pulling in a more modest 49. It was a mixed bag, but the experience was undeniably worthwhile. Lesson learned – I'll be more proactive next year and jump on opportunities like this.

Pro Tip: From the Invitation Design Course Module

So you don't forget these seasonal events (nor I in the future) , included in the Invitation Design Course Module – there's a handy calendar detailing a ton of events that might call for an invitation or a gift (think grad parties and the like). Be sure to print it out and keep it handy, so you're primed to roll out those promotions well in advance.


UNLOCK HERE! Ready to take a deeper dive into Google Trends (video tutorial and text info) Sign up for membership and access the Guide HERE

Contents of this Micro Zazzle Course

  • Introduction and Anecdote

  • Summary Guide

  • Case Study

  • Detailed Guide parts 1-6

  • Longtail, Short Tail and Semantic SEO Keywords Guide

  • Using AI for Keyword/Tag Suggestions

You can view the feedback for this guide HERE


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how to make money on zazzle
how to design invitations
how to make money on zazzle
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