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Zazzlers - We are stronger together | FREE Promotion for YOU with your own affiliate links added

Sharing, Supporting, and Paying It Forward on Zazzle

Hey there, fellow Zazzlepreneurs and creative souls!

Welcome to a space that's not just about business tips and tricks, but a place where we're building a community that thrives on collaboration, support, and genuine connections. This platform isn't just for me to share insights—it's for all of us to shine, learn, and grow together.

It has been highlighted a few times via my course feedback that Zazzlepreneurs do not have their own social media accounts, blogs, or websites to promote and market their products and so beyond the hustle and bustle of elevating our businesses on Zazzle, I aim to provide that 'space' for you to get your products 'seen'!

I believe that every creator deserves a spotlight to showcase their unique work and passions, and that's where this platform comes in.


The Power of Visibility

I will (time allowing) be creating a collection of blog posts covering diverse niches and themes that resonate with you. These posts become your canvas to share your creations with your own affiliate links through the comments section. Your products will get the visibility they deserve, and fellow Zazzlepreneurs can explore and support your work by sharing and pinning the images you post (as will I).


Collaboration Over Competition

Here, I'm rewriting the rulebook. I'm saying that together, we're stronger. By supporting each other, we create a community that's bound by the shared goal of success for all. So, whether you're here to share your masterpieces, discover new inspirations, or simply soak in the positivity of a community that's ready to uplift each other, this platform is yours. It's your stage, your gallery, your haven.


Paying it Forward

We all know how rewarding it is to receive support and encouragement. That's why I'm opening up my site, giving my time (and funding) to fellow Zazzlepreneurs who might not have their own blogs, websites, or strong social media presence. I want to give you a space to showcase your fantastic creations and get the recognition you deserve. Things are just d*&m hard at the moment with all the changes taking place at Zazzle. If there is anyway that I can alleviate the burden I'm up for it!


How It Works:

Sharing Your Zazzle Products and Affiliate Links

  1. Read the Posts: I'll be writing blog posts covering various niches and themes, giving you a chance to see where your products fit in.

  2. Add Your Products: When you find a blog post that resonates with your products, it's time to get involved. In the comments section, share an image of your product along with a short description.

  3. Affiliate Links: Here's the exciting part—include your own affiliate link for the shared product.

  4. Images and Text ARE Required: To ensure this space remains genuine and helpful, please remember to include images (download them from your product page, note that you can also upload cover images here). Also add some accompanying text for each shared product. Note that you can use ChatGPT to write creative descriptions to save you time, it will even generate relevant hashtags if you ask it to! (maximum 5 per comment please) . I use chatgpt to help save time and correct typos. It is worth its weight in Gold! See my instructional Chatgpt guide here.

Items without images and supporting descriptions will be removed. This policy is in place to prevent the blog from being flagged as spam.


Together, We Shine: This platform is all about collaboration over competition. It's about us supporting one another to collectively achieve success. By showcasing your products and sharing your affiliate links, you're not just promoting your work—you're also becoming part of a community that uplifts and celebrates each other.

So, welcome to a place where we're writing our own narrative—a narrative of support, creativity, and shared success. I'm excited to see the beautiful creations you bring to the table and the connections we forge along the way.

Thank you for being part of this journey of giving, receiving, and making a positive impact.

Let's get started on this adventure of growth and collaboration!

My first blog post will be for something quite unique in honor of a much loved valued member of the Zazzle community to help her products (and yours if in the same niche) to shine!

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how to make money on zazzle
how to design invitations
how to make money on zazzle
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