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Welcome to the Podiverse! Here Zazzle and other Print-On-Demand Creators unite, knowledge is shared and success is celebrated! Founded by LeahG Pro Platinum Zazzle Seller

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Here we believe in collaboration over competition and that community is at the heart of success. Join our family of entrepreneurs and benefit from FREE Tips, Guides, Product Ideas, AI Prompts for Zazzle, Etsy, Merch Amazon, Descriptions, Tags and Titles, Private Forum, Peer Review and more.

PODpreneur Membership Benefits


If you are a Zazzle, Etsy or other print-on-demand creator looking to excel on PODs, the resources provided by LeahG via this site, ETSY,  the Forum and blog cater to every level of expertise. In just 5 months membership exceeded 450 and continues to grow.


New features and benefits are added ongoingly based on Member feedback because we are a community and together we make the magic happen. Membership is FREE. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Free Business Mindset Micro Course - Feedback

  • Free Promotional opportunities - via blog posts

  • Free Guides on how to elevate your position in Zazzle's marketplace

1.Keyword Compass Guide

2.Google Trends Guide

  • Private POD Creator Support Forum

Join our supportive community where you can connect with fellow Zazzle , Etsy and other print-on-demand creators. Receive peer reviews, support, and personalized guidance as you journey towards print-on-demnd seller success.

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to Begin Creating Professional Looking Invitations wi


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Meet some of our Members

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Member Bio I am an award-winning artist, designer, and founder of Sabuba KLG. We have been a Swiss-based boutique art and design company since 2017. Zazzle has surprisingly become a platform that combines our 20+ years of experience in ceramics, textiles and graphic design. Although we started with elegant and modern Home Decor products, we are expanding our brand with customizable and unique designs for special occasions and events.

"When I first joined the Zazzlepreneur course, I did not expect such a generous sharing environment. I was so used to the competitive environment that I did not consider the possibility of growing together.

Leah changed that. She brings up ideas I've never thought of before. She sets a course with a realistic perspective and gives all the necessary resources to be successful. It is clear that she has experience and knowledge. As long as there is Zazzle in my life, it looks like Zazzlepreneurs Platform will be too. "  

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I'm a graphic designer who loves to create unique and memorable gifts and experiences. I use typography, graphics, and a touch of creativity to bring your vision to life. Whether you're looking for a custom birthday party collection, a wedding invitation suite, or a branding package for your business, I can help you create something that your recipient will cherish for years to come. I believe that every event should be coordinated to perfection, from the invitations to the thank-you notes. That's why I offer a variety of complementary products to help you create a cohesive look for your special day. From custom signage to personalized favors, I can help you make your event one to remember.

I love that Leah provides a unique perspective on product research and design, as well as a solid foundation for building and growing a Zazzle store. Her course offers an abundance of design tips, research ideas and results of her own research, and 'heads up' alerts for upcoming changes and challenges within the Zazzle platform. Leah shares ideas and research that spark the imagination for designs that are trending on Zazzle, for a higher possibility that your designs will trend and sell.

ellen williamson.jpg

I'm a professional graphic designer specializing in captivating and creative designs for baby showers, sympathy assets and other seasonal products. With a passion for all things adorable, whimsical and simple, my designs bring a unique touch to your special occasion. 

"Being a part of the Zazzlepreneur course has changed my perspective on my Zazzle business. Starting from day one and moving through the modules at my own pace has not only helped me increase visibility to my store, but helped me create more engaging products. This course has helped give me insight on how to succeed in the marketplace. The course and community has helped me see my true potential and helped me interact with other creators."

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HI! All, Im Julie Farrell Waterkotte, a Pro Gold seller on Zazzle. I can't remember a time I wasn't thinking, living and creating something on my computer! From a lil child I was found with a artpad and pencils in my hand sketching. After high school I went on to Chicago to receive my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and started working in the video game industry as a UI designer for EA Sports designing video games. FUN FUN!!! 15 years of that, 2 kids later and a move to Dallas Texas and then back to Illinois after my divorce I am now home in Quincy Il. Im still designing, still kicking ass!!!. Nowadays I operate my freelance design business for clients all around the world creating websites, managing their social media, marketing materials for their businesses you name it! And of course I still love everything weird and offbeat and am design centered around that as well on Zazzle and other platforms. Not to ever let a minute of the day go by, I also fell in love with industrial lasers and have taken my design knowledge into the laser industry and home decor creating wooden items for people. I own and operate The Enchanted Canvas and run my paint party studio doing just that!

I love the Zazzlepreneurs because it is a safe place to learn, grow and share ideas with like individuals who are on the same journey.


Creating is in my blood. From an early age I was drawn to all things creative, the tools changed over time. Since graduating with a degree in interior design, I have been working on websites and digital design. Zazzle provided a fantastic playground with their customization tools. And when I discovered that uploading svg files with up to 5 colors was even color customizable for the end customer, I was hooked. It was during my interior design days when I realized the lack of color customization in a great product. Today I can create color customizable designs and templates which is phenomenal. The Zazzlepreneur course also helped me re-focus on marketing. Even the best design is worth nothing if it does not reach the viewer.

The Zazzlepreneur course is a great place to learn, share and exchange knowledge and experiences. Leah generously shares her vast experience and her material is always well structured and full of experiences that often bring a fresh perspective. With new insights, a creative has the potential to take a Zazzle store from barely there to thriving. Thank you, Leah.

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I am LeahG Founder of the Zazzlepreneurs, a group of independant creatives working collectively towards the same goal - success on the Zazzle print-on-demand platform.

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I design gifts, invitations, accessories and business stationery that can be customized and personalized to create unique one-of-a-kind items.

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I am a retired high school library teacher in western Pennsylvania. About a year before my retirement, I decided to set up a store, Simply Farmhouse Press, on Zazzle, after taking an online course on designing wedding invitations. I had tried my luck on Etsy, fulfilling the custom designs myself, but wanted to make the move to a digital design platform, so I picked Zazzle. I absolutely love designing wedding stationery, and now have close to 4,000 items in my store, including 17 editors picks. I love making unique designs, especially vintage styles. I am now a Bronze Pro, and working diligently toward my Silver Pro status. My goal is to replace my teaching income within the next five years.

My Zazzle store has been open for about 16 months, so I'm fairly new to Zazzle. The resources in this course have led to my growth, especially the resources for using the AI prompts. My store is mostly a wedding niche, and your tools for invitation design were very helpful as well. I look forward to each post I receive with new ideas and resources to use to improve my production and promotion of new items!

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