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"I found the upbeat tone of this module in general to be quite valuable."   "All of the topics covered in the module extras were valuable and served to broaden my knowledge base about everything involved in succeeding on Zazzle, but I especially found the section on exploring niche markets valuable - so many different niches were listed that I found myself resonating with several of them, and just the act of reading through them all sparked my creativity and got me thinking of further potential related niches in the areas that appealed to me to check out. I also found the discussion of unicorn tags to be quite valuable."

“All Niche Module” is crucial if we want to run a business that may become profitable. Without having the right products for the right market we are not going to have a real business. This second module removes all the “hit and miss” actions that waste our time, and our energy. Because “hope is not a strategy”, we need “All Things Niche” Module. ​ "The Niche Ideas exercises helped me look inwards. This was very valuable..    Now I know what I’m passionate about, the skills I have, and the products I like. Based on that, I chose three products for my marketing research. Now my store is aligned with what I enjoy doing and my skills. And that makes me very happy. "

Re the Invitation design Module "I thought it was great. You offered so much information that someone who has never designed one before could feel confident at the end of reading it to start plugging away at creating them! There was also helpful information for those who already design them to take into consideration and apply to their designs to bring them up a level." ​ Susannah ​ "It was comprehensive and had excellent timing since since suddenly many party collection types required an invitation in order to qualify for cross-sell." ​ ​

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I rate the module organization and structure a 5. The lessons are presented in a logical and easy to understand manner and your addition of the posts about Google Trends and tags really helped me fine tune the module. I was unsure of how best to fit the different types of keywords in. Your added video clarified it perfectly!